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Anguilla IBCs (a no-tax Caribbean tax haven)

  $2,100 Incorporation Fees - Anguilla (free overnight delivery of documents via UPS)
  • Incorporation of the company and initial structuring in accordance with your requirements.
  • Company office and company registered agent in tax free Anguilla with PO Box and physical address you can use.
  • Government registration fees for the 1st year.
  • Corporate documents - including company Articles and by-laws, director and subscriber minutes, etc.
  • foreign trust and foreign trustee for oft-called company with underlying trust planning. See below.
  • offshore on-line banking at top bank with full banking license since 1984. No more waiting for months for your statements. Currently our bankers are offering 3 month CD rates of 4.25% on deposits of 100,000 to 300,000. US, Sterling and Canadian dollar currency accounts available. Contact me by telephone, skype or e-mail for more information.Normal time frame for getting accounts open is less than 10 days.Contact me for more on "due diligence" procedures. We hand deliver client application forms to bankers - no charge
  • This bank in Anguilla does offer Merchant Accounts
  • on-line discount stock broker domiciled in another no tax jurisdiction. $28/1000 shares. On line trading available.
  • Annual Renewal Fees (payable 12 months after incorporation date)





ANGUILLA (British West Indies)

  • No taxes
  • Banking confidentiality legislation
  • Asset protection
  • Confidentiality Ordinance Click here to view
  • Political stability (Anguilla's Constitution was signed in Buckingham Palace )
  • (Click here to read the Angulla Constitutional Order)
  • Accessibility (only 1,200 miles from Miami) (120 miles from BVI)
  • UK Overseas Territory – just like the BVI, Cayman and Bermuda.
  • No Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) signed with IRS/US Treasury.
  • Low to no crime rate. No traffic jams – ever.Click Me


Note: It is not mandatory that client be physically present on the island to meet bankers, but you are welcome to fly into town for a more personal touch.


5 year old LeeAnn Azzara gets a kiss from a
"wild" dolphin in the Sunny tax-free Bahamas


Are you interested in finding out more about the world's leading financial centers? Do you want to learn about the tax laws governing foreign investment by US taxpayers? Tom Azzara, the author of "TAX Havens of the World" (300 pages) and The Tax Haven Reporter, is based in Nassau, Bahamas, and has been reading and writing about tax havens and tax laws for 20 years.  Both publications have been in continuous production since 1985.

Over the last 15 years, Tom has registered more than 1,300 International Business Companies (IBCs) in the Caribbean. Anguilla is an ideal tax-free haven for foreign and Americans alike. Offshore banks and offshore companies can trade in the US stock market free of capital gains taxes under the Statutory US tax Code. An IBC can receive US Bank CD interest or treasury bond interest 100% free from all taxes - US and other. Americans who live offshore more than 330 days of the year can exclude up to $80,000 in foreign earned income (i.e., salary) too.

Beginning in 2001, we began forming IBCs out of the Crown Colony/Overseas Territory and no tax haven of Anguilla - 150 miles east of Puerto Rico. The Anguilla IBC Ordinance of 2,000 has some distinct advantages over the new Bahamas IBC ACT, 2,000. Call me at 514-667-7068, and we'll discuss with you what they are!

We've formed more than 290  Anguillian IBCs since the beginning of 2001, as many clients prefer the less overregulated legislation in this British overseas territory.

Have you visited Anguilla? It's beautiful, and no traffic jams - ever!


The Confidential Relationships Ordinance 1981

"tax offences cannot be investigated"

quote the government of Anguilla (1-1-2001)

Like Montserrat’s Confidentiality Ordinance of 1985, Anguilla’s Confidential Relationships Ordinance 1981 provides stringent penalties for the improper release of confidential information, whether by private individuals or public officials.

Corporate Tax Rates:
Cayman Islands*
Channel Islands*
Isle of Man*
British Virgin Islands**
Hong Kong ¢FFGU
Panama ¢FFGU
Gibraltar ¢FFGU*
* "Exempted Companies"
** "International Business Corporations" (IBC)
¢FFGU no tax on "foreign source incomes"

Source: Tax Haven Reporter (2002)

Revenue Canada's library  purchased a copy of Tax Havens of the World (8th edition/2003) direct from me the last week of July, and then faxed my invoice to me and said their check was in the mail. Order above from this site.

"One of the most effective applications of offshore trusts is in an ownership combination with a limited company." - Richard Graham-Taylor, partner Ernst & Young, Grand Cayman (January 1990)

Offshore Discretionary trusts for American taxpayers???

EXTRA...Foreign Trusts in tax havens? Better be careful.

IR Code/Section 679 (Foreign Trusts with US Beneficiaries). If you are an American taxpayer beware the tax consequences of any foreign trust formed by any bank or trust company in any tax haven.

You could be very sorry some day.

An irrevocable foreign trust with US beneficiaries is taxable at rates as high as 80% on accumulated distributions - and the settlor is taxable annually on the trust income.

Offshore banks draft beautifully written discretionary trust deeds for their clients, charge annual fees of 1% or more, and you'll get "bit" hard by the IRS, if they find out about it. Telling the tax court you are not the settlor of a foreign trust is perjury.,,id=106540,00.html,,id=96944,00.html

Below are some reviews and citations!

Date: 06/01/04 15:07:40
Subject: Off-shore planning

Hi Tom!

I'm an MBA student at Cornell with a background in law and international affairs. I read your book ("Tax Havens") and found it to be a great read. I am interested in opportunities in offshore planning, and hope that you will e-mail me so that we can begin a discourse on the matter.
Thanks so much! Larken

Larken R. Proper

Risk Management Consultant

Mr. Proper has over six years experience with financial firms including Merrill Lynch and Salomon Smith Barney in the areas of equity research, middle markets and private client. Mr. Proper attended law school at the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University, the MBA program at Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management, graduate school at Columbia University (MIA, International Finance), and completed his undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh (BS, BA) where he was a Chancellor's Fellow at the University Honors College.

I looked Mr. Proper's credentials up on the Internet from his original e-mail. His real name is not "Proper"

About Tom Azzara...

Age 57.
USAF - honorable discharge.

1992 - founder of small offshore consulting firm with revenues that averaged over $400,000 annually (and go untaxed - because "services" are performed outside the US).
Tax law speciality.
Incorporations in Caribbean Anguilla.
Also trust deeds.
20 years experience total.

Manhattan Prosecutor Criticizes Caymans Tax Pact

By DAVID CAY JOHNSTON - December 8, 2001 New York Times

"Federal Reserve data show that $800 billion is being held in Cayman Islands accounts for Americans, an amount equal to roughly one-third of all domestic bank deposits."

Robert M. Morgenthau, the Manhattan district attorney, is critical of the agreement that Treasury Secretary Paul H. O'Neill signed last week with the Cayman Islands to share information that would help the United States track down suspected income tax evaders, calling it "a sham."

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau told senators a few years ago that about $800 billion in U.S. dollars is on deposit at some 600 banks licensed in the Cayman Islands -- more than twice the amount deposited in all New York City banks combined.

THR Editor’s Note: In 1988 the Cayman government released a chart showing what countries were the biggest investor in the Cayman Islands (banks). The United States led all other countries with a percentile that was over 60%. Canada and the UK combined did not have more money invested in Cayman than Americans did.

EXTRA! Enron, it is said, had approximately 600 subsidiaries registered in Cayman. None of them were listed in the local telephone directory and it is likely that they comprised little more than pieces of paper in filing cabinets at the offices of the Cayman law firm of Hunter & Hunter, which provided registered agent services to Enron.

Source: Offshore Alert (2-11-2002)(email "FlashNews")

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